How I work

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. Steve Jobs, CEO Apple

We often only think about how things work when they let us down! In both products and businesses the overall performance is dependent on the individual components being both appropriate and correctly aligned and functioning. This is completely reliant on having the performance requirement properly defined. Any failure, however small, stops the whole machine. Often, the component that has failed is not the cause of the problem – merely the weakest link in the chain.

In advising where design can best ‘fit’ into a business, we need to conduct an analysis into both overall and component requirements and the delivered performance against that requirement.

This analysis looks at three fundamental issues:

  • 1 Where is the business currently?

  • 2 Where does the business want to go?

  • 3 How is it going to get there?

Project delivery can be undertaken in a number of ways with teams drawn from any or all of the following; clients employees or preferred contractors, my network of contacts, or briefed as a complete project to specialist designers. This format provides a project specific, flexible, high performance and extremely cost effective approach for clients.